Monday, December 7, 2015

Windows Security seminar in Tallinn!

On Thursday I did a 30 minute webinar on Hacking Windows and how to prevent it. I LOVE doing this and because I never get to showcase everything I know about the topic I finally found a partner that will let me do what I love for a WHOLE DAY :)

Please read along and let me tell you what that day will be about and what you will learn and be able to take home with you.

That's the link for my training on the 12th of February 2016. The Early-Bird price of 119€ will be available until the 20th of December 2015. There's also a group trip organized from Finland and if that interests you you can find out more here:

Now that NSA, Microsoft and Gartner have all stated that proactive security is a mandatory move for all companies and that keeping your end users to least privilege only - it's more than important that you see what I have to show you!

What I will go through as real life demonstrations:

  • Make sure you understand that reactive security like Antivirus is not enough to protect you anymore next year
    • How current malware works and how to fight against it
  • Pass-The-Hash and Pass-The-Ticket attacks
    • How to do this attack
    • How to block it with Windows 10 or Windows 7
    • How to correctly setup administrative accounts in a company
  • Attacking API's and why Runas-tools are unsecure
    • API Monitoring - Who to spy on API calls
    • How to do Runas the real way
  • How to get admin rights to a computer
    • How to attack an un-encrypted machine
    • How to attack a BitLocker protected machine
    • How to configure encryption correctly
  • How to get Domain Admin rights to a company
    • How to protect against admin level elevation
  • How to bypass BitLocker
    • How to prevent it
  • How to bypass UAC
    • How to correctly use UAC and why it's mandatory
  • How to abuse privileges
    • How to steal any logged on users identity
    • How to bypass all access control on files
  • How to bypass company policies
    • How to block Group Policy
    • How to fight against blocking policies
    • How to reach the principle of Least Privilege
  • How I protect my computer and networks
    • How to configure least privilege
    • How to configure whitelisting
Can't wait to see many of you in Estonia! A beautiful and inexpensive city to enjoy!



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  1. Man Estonians are some good people. Their IT stuff is also top notch. a guy once recommended me to use cheap VPN for safety of daily transactions and it has proven to be reliable and cheap.


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