Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Explainables - Case #1

I've heard about so many cases that are left Unexplained that I decided to publish a series called "The Explainables". If I get a chance I try to get a session like this to Ignite as well.

In this series I'll post cases that my students send me that they have solved by using the skills they learned on my classes.

The first one is from Robert Danielsson. Thank you so much for sending this. I hope you feel good being able to solve a case like this especially seeing the forums and how many haven't been able to troubleshoot it - that is until you came along :)



The Case

OS Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2
We had a customer that had Backups that failed all the time on a Webserver
The Error message was these:

Event Source : MSMQ
Event ID: 2227
Failed backups,Backup failed during event OnPrepareSnapshot. Error 0x80070003
Also in vssadmin list writers the MSMQ writer is in failing state with time-out error.

I have tried it all,
* Add new disk for VSS Storage
* Reregistred VSS dll's
* Sfc /scannow
* Checkdisk
* Took recording with procmon on a system that worked with similar configuration and compared it with the system that had problem with no luck.
* Vacuum cleaning the internet on solutions but still no luck.

Going through the procmon recording now that I know what caused the problem I see that I have 1 entry that is causing the problem, 1 entry out of 100 000 :(

So if you have the time, do this on a Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2
1. Install IIS
2. Move Default Website to another disk
3. Install WindowsBackup
4. Install MSMQ with all options
5. Backup Server
6. Examine the Application Log, you will now have the MSMQ 2227 event.

If you don’t have the time read the solution here :)

(My post is at the bottom ; Rodani)

Wish you a merry Christmas and hopefully I will attend on your course (Step 2 troubleshooting) in Stockholm next year.

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