Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another TechMentor done! (Orlando 2015)

TechMentor Orlando 2015 just sent me the feedback!

I think you should really consider putting Techmentor on your schedule if it's not there already! This time the event had double the amount of people compared to last year. Sessions were a bit more traditional 75 minute each. 

I presented four sessions so I kept my self busy :) Sessions were:

- Windows Internals Black Belt: Memory Management Thursday, November
- Windows Internals Black Belt: Security
- Windows 10 - The Important New Features
- Windows Internals Black Belt: Become a Troubleshooting Ninja

Some stats: (Average score by speakers at the conference in RED / My score in order listed above GREEN
1. Speaker Effectiveness: (1-5, 5=Excellent; 1=Poor)
a. Style and delivery 4.52  5.00, 4.97, 4.76, 4.94
b. Knowledge of subject 4.73 / 5.00, 4.97, 4.87, 4.94
c. Speaker open to my specific problems/questions 4.58 / 4.94, 4.93, 4.68, 4.85
2. Content Effectiveness: (1-5, 5=Excellent; 1=Poor)
a. Consistency with agenda description 4.60 / 5.00, 4.97, 4.79, 4.79
b. New information/update/clarification 4.52 / 5.00, 4.97, 4.79, 4.85
c. Met my expectations 4.43 / 5.00, 5.00, 4.74, 4.79
3. Your overall rating of this session: (1-5, 5=Excellent; 1=Poor) 4.49 / 5.00, 5.00, 4.79, 4.85
4. The level of the session was appropriate: (1. Yes 2. No) 1.05 / 1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00
5. Would you recommend the session to others? (1. Yes 2. No) 1.08 / 1.00, 1.00, 1.03, 1.03
6. Did you feel this session was a product or corporate sales pitch? (1. Yes 2. No) 1.94 / 2.00, 2.00, 1.97, 1.91

 Sami is the best speaker. I have heard at TechMentor this year. He leaves me wanting more. You need to increase his track.
 Excellent session a lot of useful information covered.
 Great session. Should be longer sessions since there was a lot of information to cover.
 This presenter is awesome. Best presenter of the show easily !!!

 Sami is very good. He always has so much information, but needs more time.
 learned a lot! Extremely knowledgeable speaker. Very impressed with presentation!
 Absolutely great speaker! I learned so much very informative and entertaining.
 Very informative and well delivered presentation.
 Sami is the best speaker that I heard while here.
 Sami is top notch! The best information every time!
 very informative.
 Great presentation.
 Sami was awesome as expected.

 Great session, but needed a bigger room
 Presentation style is very appreciative. Kept me informed and wanting to know more. Applied real like
examples that I can relate to.
 Fantastic delivery.
 Most I have ever laughed while actually learning something.
 Great session very informative.
 Pragmatic big picture approach is a nice change.
 Good presentation on windows 10.
 Wonderful presentation style.
 "Best session so far
 Please Keep getting big names in the industry at this show"
 great presentation and engaging
 Learned about things that actually matter
 Great session.
 Sami is one of the greatest technical presenters I've ever seen. His presentations are always engaging and extremely informative.
 Hilarious!
 awesome presenter, kept the room going and interested from start to end.

 Damien was hilarious his delivery of Win10 new items made you laugh and curious at the same time. Great job Sami!
 Excellent content and presentation.
 Awesome content in this session.
 Sami is a great speaker. The topics discussed were very informative learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed.
 Great speaker!
 Best speaker I ever heard.
 Sami has a fun and relaxed approach to highly technical material which makes the point very effectively.
 Very entertaining and full of information.
 Excellent class!
 One of the best so far.
 Fantastic session. Great speaker! I wish everybody I work with could experience this guy.
 Very funny speaker, relates well to his audience, humor and meaty system hacking stuff.
 wish we had more time.
 Well informed and leaving with knowledge I know I can used right away. Entertaining speaker. Always looking forward to attending his sessions.
 wish I had better screenshots or capture of demos. Sami is always a favorite. he needs a longer session.
 Great session!
 very engaging presentation. would definitely recommend the speaker and will look for his presentations in the future.
 Very good information.
 great session
 Wonderful session with great material.
 Not terrible. There have been worse and less useful sessions.
 There was not as much practical troubleshooting as I expected. The long segment about drivers seemed like a diversion.

 At this point Sami is hands down the best speaker here. Highly recommend you continue to bring him back

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