Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Adminizer still beats LAPS

Microsoft nowadays offers a free Local Admin Password Solution to randomize the passwords on computers and save them to Active Directory. So why am I still selling my Adminizer and even more important why do people still keep buying it?  Smile

Here’s a short list of why:

  1. Adminizer not only randomizes your local passwords but makes them onetime as well. LAPS only randomizes the passwords. Half the security and no way to give temporary access.
  2. Adminizer works without Active Directory so Workgroups, BYOD, CYOD, Azure AD joined Windows 10 etc. are easy to manage as well. LAPS requires AD.
  3. Adminizer works totally offline. LAPS will not change the password of a computer if it can’t reach AD or GPO’s don’t work for some reason.


Of course you should test both so here are the required links: