Friday, October 26, 2012

Wioski 2.0 General availability!

As today is the general availability date on Windows 8 it’s more than convenient that my dearest project Wioski 2.0 is also available to help everyone with their brand new W8 slates and other form factor computers.

Wioski is a free SteadyState replacement that resets a Windows 7 or 8 machine to its original state as fast it normally takes the computer to reboot.


First question I got today morning was: Do Windows 8 Reset or Refresh functions compete with Wioski or even make it obsolete? Well it depends probably on who you ask but I’d say the don’t stand a chance! You can check the result on Wioski’s YouTube channel: but to sum it up here are the results:

- Windows 8 Reset = 22 minutes

- Windows 8 Refresh = 15 minutes

- Wioski reset = 28 seconds!


How often do we hear that Windows works for some time and then needs to be reinstalled – What if your Windows would reinstall every time it reboots – think about it! It doesn’t take longer than a normal reboot with Wioski Smile


I would personally like to thank Ronald Beekelaar for giving me a small but stepping on the Moon –type tip for Wioski. Ronald is an MVP in virtualization and I encourage everyone to follow him on Twitter!

“Ronald Beekelaar / Virsoft Solutions / / TwitterID @virsoft”


As many of you know what Wioski is here’s a short list of what’s new in 2.0:

- Faster reset

- Support for Windows 8

- One installation media for Windows 7 and 8, for USB and DVD/ISO, and for both x86 and x64

- Ability to enable or disable the automatic reverting on every boot making it ideal for use in classrooms

- A lot of small fixes


Check out videos and download the free tool at

Monday, October 8, 2012

Coreinfo for Hyper-V

Many students asked me about how to figure out if you have what it takes to run Client Hyper-V in Windows 8. As I mentioned in an earlier post Coreinfo.exe from Sysinternals tells you but what I didn’t provide was what to look for in the coreinfo output. I believe you can find what you need in this post: