Friday, October 26, 2012

Wioski 2.0 General availability!

As today is the general availability date on Windows 8 it’s more than convenient that my dearest project Wioski 2.0 is also available to help everyone with their brand new W8 slates and other form factor computers.

Wioski is a free SteadyState replacement that resets a Windows 7 or 8 machine to its original state as fast it normally takes the computer to reboot.


First question I got today morning was: Do Windows 8 Reset or Refresh functions compete with Wioski or even make it obsolete? Well it depends probably on who you ask but I’d say the don’t stand a chance! You can check the result on Wioski’s YouTube channel: but to sum it up here are the results:

- Windows 8 Reset = 22 minutes

- Windows 8 Refresh = 15 minutes

- Wioski reset = 28 seconds!


How often do we hear that Windows works for some time and then needs to be reinstalled – What if your Windows would reinstall every time it reboots – think about it! It doesn’t take longer than a normal reboot with Wioski Smile


I would personally like to thank Ronald Beekelaar for giving me a small but stepping on the Moon –type tip for Wioski. Ronald is an MVP in virtualization and I encourage everyone to follow him on Twitter!

“Ronald Beekelaar / Virsoft Solutions / / TwitterID @virsoft”


As many of you know what Wioski is here’s a short list of what’s new in 2.0:

- Faster reset

- Support for Windows 8

- One installation media for Windows 7 and 8, for USB and DVD/ISO, and for both x86 and x64

- Ability to enable or disable the automatic reverting on every boot making it ideal for use in classrooms

- A lot of small fixes


Check out videos and download the free tool at


  1. A fantastic job. But when I clone the disk for deployed to the computers in a class room it not work. Problem with GUID in the clone computers. Did somebody have a same problem? Tnx


  2. Wioski does not support cloning because of the changing GUIDs. Wioski can be installed automatically from MDT (with Wioski support contract) or you can tweak the GUID's manually, which I don't recommend but it has been done by some users.


    1. Thank you for quick response. Unfortunately my boss will not give me money for that. You know the economic crisis. I will figure out something else.
      Thank you again and keep going your amazing job.


  3. Hi,
    I have another question: I made my own wim file, with my users and different languages for users. After the installation no "Wioski" icons appears only YOU ARE IN MAINTENANCEMODE icon. Also tausta.jpg file missing.

    Any advice how to fix this.
    Thanks in advance for your time.


  4. Wioski installs the shortcuts to Default user profile. So users that logon for the first time get the shortcuts. You can also just copy them from the C:\Users\Default folder.


  5. Hi,
    I found the icons. But when run go to kiosk mode computer restart and the following display:

    the windows boot configuration data (bcd) store contains some invalid information
    Object GUID: .....a lot of numbers and letters......

    Basicly te same poroblen i had when i try to clone.
    Do you think, is my WIM a problem? Because when the computer finish the instalation (Wioski) displays the menu with safe mode, safe mode with.........but then start normaly (try all options before run "go to kiosk mode".

    Thank, thank you very much.


  6. Hi,

    did you run sysprep /generalize /oobe before capturing the WIM?


  7. Hi,
    Not this time.......i use GImageX (befor use iagex) for make WIM file and totally forgot syspreping.I feel like an idiot.
    thank you very much


  8. Hi,
    It works perfectly. I'm still embarrassed for before.
    Thank you very much.


  9. You're welcome!

    Great that you got it working :)

    Wioski's new website will open this weekend - be sure to check it out!



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