Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TechEd North America 2014 results are in!

The results are in and this couldn’t have gone better for meSmile

Some stats about TehcEd:

  • 10000 attendees
  • over 400 speakers
  • 658 different sessions

My BlackBelt Troubleshooting Windows 8.1 was evaluated as the best session of TechEd NA 2014 and my BitLocker session was on shared #5 spot.

In speaker evals my both sessions were on the shared #1 spot!

If you haven’t seen the sessions you can watch them on Channel 9:

On my own Windows track I was number #1 and #2 on all scores!


A short story of my TechEd’s so far: I’ve been trying to get in to TechEd for years but as most of my publications have been in Finnish it has been almost impossible. Last year was my first ever TechEd and it started out great. In the US I was #19, in TechEd Europe I was the best external speaker losing only to Mark Russinovich and TechEd Australia 2013 I won in all categories. This year I hope to go to TechEd Europe and maybe New Zealand at least.

Thanks for all who made this happen, saw the sessions and gave evaluations! And as this is the closest I probably get to an Oscar speech I would like to first thank my Wife for all the support and pushing me to new levels and my Dad for giving me this profession.



  1. Nice comments about my session:

    Absolutely amazing. Sami is the top of the top of the top speakers.
    Amazing class!
    Amazing instructor, showed amazing ways to harden and protect the OS as well as advanced troubleshooting methods.
    Amazing things this presenter knows about windows. I'll need to watch the video several times to catch it all. Thanks!
    Another best of TechEd 2014 session. The presenter was totally entertaining and the material was excellent. I learned things that I can put to good use immediately. What a great session. Thanks.
    Awesome session with great information!
    Awesome session. We need Sami back every year!
    Awesome. Sami is one of my favorites
    bang all the shift keys!
    best presentation so far
    Best presenter yet...
    best seasion so far. amazing.
    best session at TechEd great presenter.
    Best session at this year's TechEd and other events I've been to in the last two years. Entertaining speaker with tons of valuable info. Bring him back again!
    Best session I have attended at TechEd thus far. Very informative and fun to listen to.
    best session i have attended so far
    Best session I have attended... Speaker was very energetic... All speakers should present this way...
    Best session I saw so far. Humorous and extremely informative. Hats off for this session!
    Best session of 2014
    best session of conferance
    Best session so far!!
    best session this year yet.
    Best Session yet for real-world application. I'll need to re-watch. Ton of information presented in an attention keeping manner. Very good!
    Best session! Great info, great presenter
    Best. Session. Ever. That was absolutely fantastic. Learned a lot, excellently presented, great demos. Please make that video available. Loved it.

  2. Brilliant! Fantastic! Bring him back!!!
    Bring him back next year!
    Bring Sami back next year! Great content.
    Bring this guy back! He is a total rock star when it comes to windows o/s knowledge! This session was outstanding.
    Cool Presentation
    Do whatever you need to in order to keep this guy coming back to give more sessions. He has it all. He's super smart, explains things well, has great presentation skills, keeps the audience engaged and adds humour while conveying tons of practical, useful and interesting information! Such a dense and would-be dry topic for another presenter, but such an exciting session! I am an accomplished Windows admin troubleshooter and he still managed to teach me lots of new tricks. Hats off to him and hope to see Sami again.
    Entertaining and educational!
    Entertaining and informative. Definitely a highlight of the conference
    Entertaining and informative. Rivals the Russinovich case of the unexplained.
    excellent presentation and great content
    excellent session
    Excellent session!
    Excellent speaker incredibly knowledgeable able to relate topics in a way that attendees can relate to and hilarious to boot.
    Excellent, engaging presenter.
    expected more in-depth troubleshooting...
    Fantastic session! Highly entertaining and very very informative.
    Fantastic stuff!
    favorite session so far at this event.
    Fun and Interesting presentation
    funny knowledge
    great one for me for the day!!!
    Great present ion
    Great presentation, very informative and fun.
    Great presenter, and very informative. One of my favorite, and most valuable sessions at the conference.
    great resources that we can use to make troubleshooting quicker and easier
    Great session
    Great session! Really enjoy it!
    great session, learned a lot that I didn't know.
    Great session.
    Great session.
    Great speaker, bring him Backström next year!
    Hands down the best class at TechEd!!!!! Sami is AWSOME!!!
    I learned more quick tips in this session than all the other sessions so far combined. Excellent info, if a bit rushed. Looking forward to watching the video a second time.
    I thought the previous seesion swere good but this was far better!! Sami Rocks!!
    Incredible presentation, one of the best I've attended all week. Learned so many different troubleshooting tips. Perfect energy level, excitement and interesting topics.
    It was a little over my head but it was a great session. Loved the sense of humor. Wish I could have a video of this session so I can review it later.
    It was both entertaining and educational. By far my favorite session of the week. You know it was good when the last 10 minutes come up and people aren't rushing to bypass the men's room lines.
    Learnt a lot. My favourite session of teched . Thank you
    Left... Similiar to ladt year.
    Loved this was very informative AND had some comedy as well.
    My goodness this presenter was simply remarkable. His delivery not only kept the audience attention, he backed that attention up with high quality content. Thank you for inviting him to speak.

  3. Not really related to my role, but the presenter was funny and effective.
    OMG, Sami was the best presenter so far! He has a good sense of humor and the tips he provided were golden!
    one of the best sessions I've attended all week! Informative and entertaining - bring Sami back next year!
    One of the best sessions!,One of the best sessions!
    Really hope there is a session video for this ? It was excellent - please put the video or at least audio up on Channel 9 for playback. Slides don't do this session justice on its own - really want to grab the really quick items Sami worked through which weren't on the deck.
    Sami did a great job, and this was one of the best sessions I attended at TechEd. For "Best Of" Sami might get edged out by Marcus Murray, Paula Januszkiewicz, Hasain Alshakarti, or Mark Minasi... which I'd say is a pretty good group of peers to be compared against. Please bring them all back, and continue to add more external speakers, and I'll continue to evangelize TechEd. Thank you.
    Sami did great presentation!!
    Sami is a great speaker and the information is very much appreciated
    Sami is a great speaker; the information was very useful and presented in an accessible way. I would attend another session by this speaker anytime.
    Sami is the best security/windows guru I have seen in a long while
    Sami rocks! Very useful and helpful!
    Sami was an excellent speaker, English is not his first language but I had ZERO difficulty understanding him, I cannot say the same for other presenters. His presentation was engaging and funny and I got a TON of notes out of it. THANK YOU, this is the kind of session I come to TechED or MMS for.
    Samir is a fantastic presenter. Best session I've been to yet!
    So far, best session of tech ed.
    Thanks for a very informative session!
    That was awesome!

  4. The greatest JÄRJESTELMÄNVALVOJA I've had the pleasure of listening to. Spot on session. Good Info, GREAT delivery. I'll be looking for Sami sessions like I look for Johan and Wally.
    The presenter rocked! Not only was he very knowledgable, but he made the session enjoyable and entertaining.
    This guy is flipping awesome!
    This has to be one of the best sessions I have attended.
    This is the best session of all of the ones I have attended. I am extremely satisfied with this guy. Bring him back next year. Sami is the best.
    This might have been my favorite session so far. Great information with an engaging and entertaining presenter. My only complaint is that I didn't get to see more sessions from Sami!!
    This session really opened my eyes to some security issues. Very useful information!
    This session was perfect. The presenter was amazing and has given me a ton of stuff to think about for when I get back to the office.
    This was an awesome session. One of my top favorites. Sami is a great speaker and very informative.
    This was one of the best sessions I attended at TechEd. Sami was informative, entertaining and I was generally amazed with his knowledge and presentation.
    This was the beat presentation of the week with power shell unplugged a close second. Sami was engaging but the material was very useful and I can not wait to get back to the office to try it out
    this was the best class I took so far. Sami is not only funny but a great speaker! the class was also extremely informative. 5 star speaker
    This was the best session I attended hands down!!
    Very dynamic and entertaining. He opened my eyes to how little I know about trouble shooting things. I will look at issues in a while new light moving forward.
    Very engaging and funny. Made class interesting especially with demos
    Very good interesting / animated speaker.
    very good session
    Very informative - great delivery
    very interresting
    Very likely the best session of the week. Great information, in an extremely entertaining package. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
    Very useful and fun.
    We need to get Sami back to TechEd's. One of the best sessions in the whole show!
    Why all those holes are still there??? Really nice to see that ayaten is like emmental cheese... Big holes.. very entertaining ja teaching session. More of these practical sessions!
    Wickid cool class

  5. Well done Sami. Congratulations from @YourSQLMan


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