Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sysinternals 20th Birthday Party this summer in Helsinki!

This is a short one I know but I need you to be in the front row to get this news! I have been given the permission from Mark Russinovich himself to host the SYSINTERNALS 20th BIRTHDAY PARTY in Helsinki this Summer! Seats are limited and there's an EarlyBird price so head to: http://www.sysinternals20.com/ We'll update the speaker list asap but already now we have both of the official Sysinternals Admin Guide authors:

WelcomeNote by Mark Russinovich

Keynote by Aaron Margosis
Session on Sysmon by Paula Januszkiewicz

I have never been this honored and excited to host an event :) JIIHAA!!!

Twitter: @samilaiho


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