Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wioski 2.1 Out Now!

I’ve finally released Wioski 2.1 out to production. Changes are minor or big depending on perspective. Head to

- New and better Windows PE used for the installation

- Support for Windows 8.1 (update) added

- Changed the minimum disk size to 40GB instead of the old 20GB

ATTENTION!! For fully automated installation the WIM-file used as the install.wim for Wioski can only have one image. If you have many images you should use the following DISM command to export the image to a new WIM-file:

dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:install.wim /sourceindex:1 /destinationimagefile:install2.wim

Remember to rename the wim-file to install.wim before copying it to the Wioski installation folder.

If you don’t know how many images a wim-file has use the below syntax to figure it out:

dism /get-imageinfo /imagefile:install.wim


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TechEd North America 2014 results are in!

The results are in and this couldn’t have gone better for meSmile

Some stats about TehcEd:

  • 10000 attendees
  • over 400 speakers
  • 658 different sessions

My BlackBelt Troubleshooting Windows 8.1 was evaluated as the best session of TechEd NA 2014 and my BitLocker session was on shared #5 spot.

In speaker evals my both sessions were on the shared #1 spot!

If you haven’t seen the sessions you can watch them on Channel 9:

On my own Windows track I was number #1 and #2 on all scores!


A short story of my TechEd’s so far: I’ve been trying to get in to TechEd for years but as most of my publications have been in Finnish it has been almost impossible. Last year was my first ever TechEd and it started out great. In the US I was #19, in TechEd Europe I was the best external speaker losing only to Mark Russinovich and TechEd Australia 2013 I won in all categories. This year I hope to go to TechEd Europe and maybe New Zealand at least.

Thanks for all who made this happen, saw the sessions and gave evaluations! And as this is the closest I probably get to an Oscar speech I would like to first thank my Wife for all the support and pushing me to new levels and my Dad for giving me this profession.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

BitLocker strengthening at TechEd North America

I promised my viewers that I’d give the presented GPO-settings as a prebuilt Group Policy object so here you go!

Download BitLocker-policy