Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hugely successful TechMentor!

I can’t help sharing this with you as in TechMentor Redmond 2015 I had in my opinion the most fun Security session I’ve ever had. I enjoyed it so much that I’m still excited about it Smile As I try to always share my tips on presentation skills as well as technical stuff I will once more say that the most important thing in winning Best-in-Show awards at conferences is YOUR OWN EXCITEMENT ON WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

My motto: Teach what you love and love what you teach or at least learn to fool yourself into believing that you love what you teach.

So how did it go? AWESOME! I had 40 people that filled in the evals which is great as there was about 400 people attending and Ignite had 23000 attending I got about 100 evals returned there.


Some stats: (Average score by speakers at the conference in RED / My score in GREEN

1. Speaker Effectiveness: (1-5, 5=Excellent; 1=Poor)

a. Style and delivery 4.57 / 4.88

b. Knowledge of subject 4.87 / 5.00

c. Speaker open to my specific problems/questions 4.66 / 4.74

2. Content Effectiveness: (1-5, 5=Excellent; 1=Poor)

a. Consistency with agenda description 4.71 / 4.95

b. New information/update/clarification 4.67 / 4.88

c. Met my expectations 4.50 / 4.98

3. Your overall rating of this session: (1-5, 5=Excellent; 1=Poor) 4.56 / 4.95

4. The level of the session was appropriate: (1. Yes 2. No) 1.03 / 1.00

5. Would you recommend the session to others? (1. Yes 2. No) 1.06 / 1.00

6. Did you feel this session was a product or corporate sales pitch? (1. Yes 2. No) 1.86 / 1.97


Unedited comments:

  • Sami is a great speaker, and I'm very impressed by his knowledge and delivery of the content.
  • Always entertaining, informative, and eye opening!
  • Was fun and educational!
  • Excellent speaker ‐ highly knowledgeable.
  • Very interesting, knowledgeable, relevant to my job, will save me time, make auditing easier and security
    setting more secure and less vulnerable. Excellent!
  • More time to go over even more; want more.
  • Great information!
  • Awesome!! And insightful!!
  • This could have been an all‐day session ‐ three hours was not enough. Excellent info.
  • Best presenter at the conference.
  • Sami was my favorite speaker at TechMentor. He taught very well, was very entertaining, and very
    informative. I will be taking back a lot of value to my company from what he taught me about Windows OS
    Internals and Security.
  • Great!
  • Captivated from start to finish. Sami delivered a homerun of a session. Knock out demos, engaging dialogue
    and lots of audience interaction. Even things going wrong were turned into opportunities to learn. #Amazing!
  • This was the best class all week. Sami did a fantastic job.
  • I as appreciated the many examples on how to make things more secure and also what to look for and what
    not to do.
  • Definitely one of the best sessions so far. Sami's ability to show real time examples makes this session
    extremely valuable.
  • Great job. Great advice.
  • great examples. I learned a lot.
  • The energy that Sami has and his depth of knowledge was amazing. I would watch his presentations any day.
  • Great information provided.
  • The best session! Fun and very informative! I wish I would have recorded the session.
  • Great session
  • Great job.
  • Again, subject matter perhaps better in shorter chunks.