Saturday, April 28, 2018

TechMentor 2018 Redmond - Better price with my chairmans code!

I’ll be speaking at TechMentor, August 6-10 at Microsoft HQ in Redmond. Surrounded by your fellow IT professionals, TechMentor provides you with in-depth, immediately usable training that will keep you relevant in the workforce.

I’ll be presenting the following sessions:
  • M01 - Workshop: How to Prevent all Ransomware / Malware in 2018
  • W02 - Troubleshooting Sysinternals Tools 2018 Edition
  • W10 - Deploying Application Whitelisting on Windows Pro or Enterprise

SPECIAL OFFER: As a speaker/chair, I can extend $500 savings on the 5-day package. Register here:

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